Your partner in building and deploying ambitious web applications on AWS

Rob Blake Associates Limited - Your partner in building and deploying ambitious web applications on AWS



Highly-available, performance and scalable. Using our hands-on experience we design your application to make the most of running on AWS.



Consistent, well tested and continuously integrated using Jenkins. We help you run your dev and test environments on AWS for a reliable and repeatable development process.



Backends with clean REST APIs delivered in Java and Spring. Dynamic front-end applications with Ember and HTML 5. We only use the best of breed technologies.



Deploy with confidence. Continuous deployment with Docker, Opsworks or CodeDeploy means you can deliver that new feature into production today, not tomorrow.

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How We Work

We’re experts in building scalable and highly-available web applications on AWS. From a single day of consultancy to hands-on project management and development, we can help you succeed with your next AWS development.

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Some of our favourite technologies


Miki Travel Limited

 RBA helped Miki Travel architect and deploy their new application on AWS. Continuously integrated with Jenkins and deployed via OpsWorks, the result was a scalable and fault-tolerant application that will match Miki’s growing customer base.

TouchRight Software Limited

“We’re working on cutting edge technology for the lettings industry and we needed someone with in-depth knowledge of AWS to support and advise us. RBA’s expertise has been invaluable and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with them.”

Terry Lightfoot, TouchRight Software


With in-depth knowledge and over 5 years of hands-on experience of production deployments on AWS for a variety of clients, how can we help you?

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How can we help your business get the most out of AWS?

Our Latest Technical Writing

Our in-depth technical articles show you how to get the best out of AWS. Frequently updated with new content, they show you how to solve many technical challenges facing ambitious web applications.

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