Consistent builds across your dev, test and production AWS environments that are continuously integrated with Jenkins.

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We are a big believer in repeatable and consistent builds across all environments when building applications for AWS. Using  a combination of Jenkins, Git and Maven we can help you to continuously integrate and deploy your application to AWS.

Running your dev, test and production environments on AWS gives you the confidence that what works in one environment, works in the next. With our expertise in AWS CloudFormation, we’ll help you provision new environments in minutes to keep your build and test cycle lean.

Technologies We Work With

We work with the following technologies to give you fast, consistent builds across all of your AWS environments.



Jenkins is by far and away the most popular automation server within the Java ecosystem. It is our recommendation of choice for installing continuous integration and deployment in your build process.

With numerous plugins, Jenkins can be configured to do whatever you want. Something super specific to your build? We can help by writing custom Jenkins plugins.

Go all in and run Jenkins on AWS itself. Integrate with AWS CodePipeline for a true AWS-based continuous integration and delivery experience.



Git and GitHub

Consistency and quality management are a big part of your build process. Having built and run development teams for over 10 years, Git is our favourite source control management tool. Using pull requests and a branching strategy to support continuous integration and deployment, we’ll make sure your team uses Git in a way that supports Agile development on AWS.

We tightly integrate GitHub with Jenkins to ensure that all pushes result in a build of your code base to keep things green so that we can deploy when we need to without worrying things are broken.



Maven is the marmite of the Java build ecosystem. You either love it or hate it. Whilst we can’t deny it has its foibles, we still think it’s the best build tool for the job within the Java world and Jenkins has first-class support for it too.

Dependency management is always a challenge when building ambitious web applications, particularly in a micro-services architecture. We show you how to structure your Maven builds to ensure consistency across all application components.

Builds should also be fast and predictable. We’ll help you to structure your builds so that developer productivity remains high, yet you get well tested and well reported output.


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