AWS is more than just EC2.  We design your application to make the most of all AWS services to give you a scalable and highly available application.

Rob Blake Associates - Scalable designs for your AWS application

Simply running your application on EC2 is only the beginning of what you can achieve with AWS. With an increasing range of services at your use, you can reduce your operational overhead while at the same time increasing the scalability and availability of your application.

We have in-depth, hands-on experience of using the entire AWS service suite. We can advise on the best architectural patterns to make the most out of your AWS deployment and can tell you which of the AWS services will best support your use-case.

What guides our designs?

Our key principles guide our designs to ensure we’re making the most of AWS for each client.

All our designs focus on providing a clean REST API

API Driven

Wherever possible we design and architect software that is driven by clean REST APIs with a preference for adopting a micro-services pattern of deployment.

Working with AWS Lamba and API Gateway, we quickly prototype and deploy REST APIs that give us confidence that the architecture of your application is correct. We don’t like long development cycles with nothing to show and aim to get you working software as quickly as possible.


We design your application to scale from the start


Some of our first questions when working with you will often focus on how you want the application to scale. Our designs start from scratch with the concept of scalability built-in and it is not bolted on as an after-thought.

From Elastic Load Balancing, Autoscaling groups to blue-green deployments, we have experience with many of the design patterns that ensure your application is scalable from day one and supports your success rather than hinders it.


We prefer working software in the hands of your clients

Agile and Tangible

We’re specialists in scrum meaning that our aim is to get working MVPs in the hands of your clients as quickly as possible.

We  don’t like long development cycles. We prefer to work in two week sprints delivering incremental functionality that you can be sure is doing what you want.

Our designs ensure that your applications are quick and easy to upgrade, meaning that critical new feature goes into production today. Deploying should be the norm and not something to be scared of.


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