Using proven technologies we have implemented numerous applications on AWS. Simple yet powerful, our implementations are rigorously tested and easily extendable.

Rob Blake Associates - We choose proven technologies when implementing your application

When choosing our technologies we always look for simplicity and ease of testing. Well tested and easy to understand applications are always the easiest to work with.

Our implementations start simple, but are always structured to allow you to grow and change your application as you need to.

We are Java specialists with over 10 years professional hands-on experience. We have in-depth knowledge of the JDK and many of the popular Java ecosystem frameworks such as Spring, Spring Boot and Hibernate.

Our technology of choice for the front-end is Ember as it is easily testable and has a great community.

Technologies We Work With

Our typical technology selection when building you a robust and scalable application on AWS.



One of the many new Javascript frameworks on the market, Ember has quickly become our front-end framework of choice. It has first class support for testing, puts the MVC pattern into front-end development and has the same aim as us in building ambitious web applications.

Ember integrates well with backends exposing REST APIs. This is our preferred approach whether using AWS Lamba with API Gateway, or exposing REST APIs via Spring Boot.


Spring Framework


Spring has almost become the defacto framework for Java web application development. Not only does it simplify the development process, it continually evolves to support new techniques and environments such as AWS.

We are big proponents of Spring MVC and Spring Boot, the latter being a particularly welcome addition to the Spring ecosystem over the last few years as it massively simplifies the delivery of Java applications on AWS. We are also users of the relatively recent Spring Cloud framework when it comes to integrating with AWS services like SQS or SNS.

With massive usage within the Java ecosystem, our choice of Spring ensures that we deliver you an application that you can easily support or extend for many years to come.




Consistently the most popular programming language on the planet, Java does what it does well and with the minimum of fuss.

With Java you can build well tested and scalable applications. There is a vibrant open-source scene around the language of which we are great supporters. There are numerous frameworks with millions of hours of production time under their belt. In addition AWS provide their very own Java SDK to integrate with their services ensuring that every scenario is supported.

With over 10 years professional Java development, we are experts in building Java backends on AWS.


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