Being able to quickly deliver a new feature into production is as important as developing the application itself. Good job we’re experts at that as well!

Rob Blake Associates - Helping you launch ambitious web applications on AWS

How many times have you heard of the all-night deployment that takes co-ordination with multiple teams and downtime for all your users?

We’ve seen too many and we don’t like them. Deploying to production should be seamless, giving you the confidence to do it more often.

We’re very interested in the devops movement and are great believers of “run what you write”; development teams should be responsible for the code they ship.

We like our deployments to be fully automated and as simple as pressing a button.

Technologies We Work With

We work with the following technologies to make launching your application on AWS easy.



Docker has taken the development world by storm over the last few years. Introducing the idea of containers (think lightweight VMs), we use Docker for the concept of immutable deployments.

With immutable deployments, operating system and code are delivered as a frozen point-in-time snapshot, massively simplifying the deployment process. The same OS and code runs in all your environments given you confidence that what works in QA will work in production.

We work with AWS ECS to help you run Dockerized applications on the AWS Cloud across your dev, test and production environments.




We have been users of AWS since it first launched with only the EC2 service. Since then, year after year of continuous innovation has made AWS the most popular Cloud platform today. In our opinion it remains the platform of choice for delivering ambitious web applications in the Cloud.

When using AWS, we ensure that deployment of your application is seamless. We like one click deployments that deliver the latest version of your application into a scalable and redundant environment without any downtime for your users.

We are experienced users of many of the deployment frameworks on AWS such as Elastic Beanstalk and CodeDeploy ensuring that we can help you get the latest feature into production as quickly as possible.




Configuration management has rightly become a hot topic as it removes the scenario where deployments fail because there are significant differences between environments, or worse still between machines within the same environment.

Chef is our configuration management framework of choice mainly due to its large adoption by the devops community and also its tight integration with AWS OpsWorks.


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